AJJO-G Constipation Care Powder

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The Laxative Par Excellance
For Easy, Smooth & Complete Evacuation

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30 gms., 80 gms.


• Chronic constipation, Habitual constipation, Occasional constipation, Stubborn constipation.
• Constipation induced by drugs, change of place or climate.
• Constipation associated with piles, post surgical and cardiac cases.


Powder : 5 to 10 gms. with warm water or milk at bed time or as advised by the physician.


Ajjo G Powder (Per 100 gms.)
Cassia angustifolia (Swarn Patri) 29 gm.
Zingiber officinale (Sunthi) 4 gm.
Foeniculum vulgare (Mishreya) Roasted 6 gm.
Terminalia chebula (Haritaki Laghu) 18 gm.
Operculina turpethum(Trivrut) 11 gm.
Kala Namak(Sauvarchal) 6 gm.
Sendha Namak(saindhav) 4 gm.
Ptychotis ajowan (Yavanika) 5 gm.
Embelia ribes (Vidang) 4 gm.
Ipomoea nil (Krishna beej) 6 gm.
Rose damascena (Gulab Pushpa) 7 gm.


Ajjo G constipation care powder is a Laxative Par excellence for easy smooth and complete evacuation. It’s a gentle bowel regulator. Ajjo G Constipation Care powder is an herbal ayurvedic formulation which helps in treating Chronic and habitual Constipation, Irregular bowel habits, Constipation associated with Haemorrhoids, Fissures, Fistula and any constipation associated illness. It’s an effective combination of Swarn Parti, Laghu Haritki, Krishna Beej, etc with its action chiefly upon the lower bowel. It increases peristaltic movement of the colon by its local action upon the intestinal wall.

Ajjo G Constipation Care Powder speeds up movement of stool through the caecum and ascending colon resulting in decreased absorption of water and thereby a bulkier and softer faecal mass. The possibility of griping is prevented by the presence of Sunth, Gulab Pushp and Saunf with Lavan. The presence of Laghu Haritki, Trivrut and Krishna Beej makes it useful for chronic constipation, constipation induced by drugs and change of place or climate and constipation associated with piles, post surgical and cardiac cases. Vidang and Ajwain also takes care of Intestinal worms also.

• Acts Smoothly and predictably.
• Cleanses and lubricates the system.
• Restores bowel efficiency.
• Easy, smooth and complete evacuation, strain less without griping or irritation.
• Assures normal consistency of stool.
• Leaves normal fluid & electrolyte balance undisturbed.

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