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Nervine Tonic
For Extraordinary Memory And Concentration

A potent memory booster, enhances grasping power, retention and concentration. This Product is a milk additional that means it is used is mixed with milk to increase milk efficiency and also increase your Mental Strength.

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100 gm, 180 gm


Granules (Each 10 gms. contains) : Shankhpushpi 1200 mg., Ashwagandha 40 mg., Vacha 40 mg., Brahmi 300 mg., Badam 2.4gms., Jotishmati oil 1ml., Sugar Q.s


• As a daily health suppliment :
• Students : For improved concentration, memory, grasping power attention and mental alertness.
• Adult : Sub-clinical anxiety and tension. Executive fatigue.
• Old Age : For improving failing memory.
• Women : Premenstrual stress, Post-Menopausal syndrome.
• Pregnancy : • For augmenting the brain development of the foetus.
• As a Co-prescription along with : • Anti-hypertensives • Anti-epileptic drugs • Anti-ulcerants
• As a curative in memory disturbance & stress anxiety disorders. Supportive therapy in behavioral disorders, such as : hyperkinetic states, mental fatigue, aggressive behavior and psychiatric problems such as anxiety, neurosis, depression etc.
• As adjuvant in alzheimer's and parkinson's disease.
• Enhances all three pillars of Ayurvedic beauty known as – Outer beauty – Inner beauty and – Lasting beauty.


Granules : 5 to 15 gm. twice a day with milk.


•    Supports the three types of mental ability :  • Learning (Dhi)    • Memory (Dhriti)    • Recall (Smriti)
•    A potent memory booster, enhances grasping power, retention and concentration.
•    Relieves mental stress and keep mind calm. Offers restful sleep and enhances mind to refresh and recall memory.
•    Rejuvenates brain cells for optimal mental function and to help the mental fatigue.
•    Promotes mental energy, memory, creativity, perception, consciousness and self realization.
•    Reduces anxiety and distraction.
•    Ameliorates attention fluctuations and behavioral disorders.
•    Absolutely safe even during pregnancy and lactation.
• Specially recommended during pregnancy to augment foetal brain development.
•    Corrects articulation and speech.
•    Helps balance memory disturbances such as short attention span, concentration impairment, language and learning issues.
•    Supports mental functioning under stress.
•    Improves the mental Quotient, Memory Span, Concentration ability, stress threshold.
•    The mild and safe Anxiolytic and Nootropic for all.

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    Awesome Product for kids

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