Tuffim Mensu Capsule

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A Complete Care for Post-natal & Galactogogue

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30 Cap., 90 Cap.


• Problems at menarche : Under development of genitals, secondary sex characters, Nutritional Deficiencies : Particularly Iron and Calcium, Emotional Disturbances.
• Problems during Reproductive phase : Irregular Cycles, Abnormal Vaginal discharge, Backache and malaise associated with leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea.
• Problems during Menopause : Scanty or profuse periods prior to menopause, Psychic disturbances.


1-2 Capsule twice or thrice a day or as advised by physician.


Capsule : Each Capsule Contains :
Saraca indica (Ashok) Ghan 120 mg.
Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra) Ghan 80 mg.
Magnifora indica (Aam Guthli) 50 mg.
Vetiveria zizanioidis (Ushir) 20 mg.
Pterocarpus santalum (Raktachandan) 40 mg.
Veleriana hardwick (Tagar) 30 mg.
Quercus infectoria (Majuphal) 20 mg.
Godanti Bhasma (A.F.I.) 40 mg.
Mandur Bhasma (A.F.I.) 30 mg.
Suddha Shilajeet (A.F.I.) 20 mg.


• Tones up uterine musculature and regulates menstrural cycle by adjusting ovarian functions.
• Exerts stimulant effect on ovarian tissue, helps regularize endogenous hormonal secretions.
• Exerts astringent and antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes of genitourinary organs.
• Reduces permeability of the vaginal mucosa.
• Immunomodulatory and haematinic properties prove beneficial in anaemic and generalized weakness associated with uterine disorders


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