What is immunity and How it can be enhanced?

What is immunity and How it can be enhanced?

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Two types of immunity exist: active and passive. When our body deliberately resists itself, active immunity occurs. Passive immunity is where we get assistance by immunisation from outside sources.

The Latin term tolerance, exemption or resistance was used for the word immunity. Latin immunis was first used in connection with a derogation from any government activity such as the armed service. Later, the wellbeing condition is synonymous with the resilience of one’s body to some illness.

Merriam-Webster describes immunity as a requirement for the resilience of a given illness, in particular by avoiding the emergence of or counteracting the effects of a pathogenic microorganism.

The immune system has two basic lines of resistance, above and above the cellular and chemical defences to pathogens: inborn immunity and adaptive immunity. The first immune system to combat an intruding pathogen is innate immunity. It is a fast immune response that has little immune memory within minutes or hours of aggression.
The antigen-dependent immunity is, on the other hand, a memory-specific one; it allows the host, when exposed to antigen, to launch a faster and more effective immune response. The adaptive immune system is in perfect synergy and its innate counterpart may cause maladies or diseases such as inappropriate inflammation, autoimmune conditions, immunodeficiency disorders and hypersensitivity responses.

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