Is Air pollution is linked to COVID-19 ?

Is Air pollution is linked to COVID-19 ?

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The relation between mortality levels in the coronavirus-infected disease and air pollution has been established by the team of CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI).

As winters reach the area of Delhi/NCR, the issue of smog has begun. The Air Quality Index has decreased to unhealthy levels during the winters for the last few years. Experts understand a potential increase
Once the winter is over, coronavirus cases occur. A COVID-19 spike was previously recorded in Delhi
infections. infections. Different studies have shown that air quality and pollution are correlated
Increased chance of disease COVID-19.

As part of the top 500 most contaminated corónavirus, the Research Team has chosen nine Asian cities – there’s a correlation between air pollution and PM2.5 in COVID 19 cities.
The chosen cities included Delhi, Nagpur and Kanpur in India, and China, Pakistan, and Indonesia were other select cities. The towns were selected based on Data on COVID-19 cases and contaminants are available. In addition, the COVID-19 associations with air quality have not been identified and analysed for these cities and was not among the cities with the highest cases in each country.
In response to confirmed COVID-19 mortalities, all nine cities in Asia were investigated. “There is an association between exposure to elevated levels of air pollution in the area over long periods and increased recorded mortality from CO VID-19, as a result of the analysed statistical findings, within the context of the available data sets. The correlations identified indicate that the immune system of the regional population may have affected continuous exposure to undesirably large pollutant concentrations,” concluded the research paper published in the Springer newspaper.

This is also confirmed by the fact that COVID-19 recorded in a percentage mortality per unit is substantially correlate with PM2,5 and has a large effect compared to PM10 on the majority of air pollution-related deaths worldwide. The analysis indicates that the level of air quality in an area and the number of deaths associated with COVID-19 are positively correlated. This suggests that air quality is a key and obscured element in worsening COVID-19 global death burdens.

The study’s results will help direct the health ministries of their countries worldwide and provide extra guidance and immunity-enhancing drugs for heavily contaminated cities.
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