Utkarsh Giloy Ras (उत्कर्ष गिलोय रस)

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Anti-Infective, Anti-Viral, Immunomodulator and Tonic

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500 ml, 1000 ml


Take 20 to 30ml. with ½ glass of water.


Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia)
Swaras (Quath Base)


• In Ayurveda Giloy is considered as one of the most divine herbs.
• Giloy Swaras is widely used as a medicine to find off infections.
• Giloy is tonic, anti periodic and diuretic. Bitter, Astringent, Sweet, Thermogenic, Anodyne, Anthelmintic, Alterant, Anti periodic, Anti spasmodic, Anti inflammatory, Anti pyredic, Anti emetic, Digestive, Carminative, Appetizer, Stomachic, Cardio tonic, Depurative, Haematinic, Expectorant, Aphrodisiac, Rejuvenating and Tonic.
• Giloy is useful in vitiated conditions of Vata, Burning sensation, Hyperdipsia, Helminthiasis, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Intermittent fevers, Chronic fevers, Inflammations, Gout, Vomiting, Cardiac debility, Anaemia, Skin diseases, Cough, Asthma, General debility, Jaundice, Seminal weakness, Uropathy, Spleenopathy.
• Toxins: It is considered a best herb for clearing micro circulatory system. Its juice is very effective in removing both exogenous and endogenous toxins. It clears out the brain toxin that inhibits mental function.
• Excessive bleeding during menstruation, bleeding after abortion or delivery: Consume this juice for a few days after diluting it with water till the condition improve.
• Malaria and other fever : Juice with pipli (Piper longum) and honey is taken.
• Indigestion: The Juice with honey can be given with butter milk.
• Stress : Giloy has anti-stress and tonic property and it has been found that it has good response in children.

10 reviews for Utkarsh Giloy Ras (उत्कर्ष गिलोय रस)

  1. Hari Singh

    Great product.

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    I am using the product for last 4 months loved it. Thanks for the special coupon code too

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    Great Product but took long time to deliver.

    • Utkarsh Ayurveda (store manager)

      Apologies for delay. It was due to our delivery Partner. Please find the special coupon code for in your mailbox as a compensation.

  4. Vishal Garg (verified owner)

    उत्कर्ष आयुर्वेद का एक बहुत ही उत्कृष्ट उत्पाद,
    नित्य प्रातः सेवन करना बहुत लाभकारी हुआ।

  5. Raman Sharma

    Bahut hi Shandar product hai ye mujhe bahut fayda diya hai

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    Great Product

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    Loved the Packaging and the product a fan now

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    Good Product

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    Nice Product

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